Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics

We have facilities for rent for the opportunity to learn yoga’s basic moves, or second-hand movements that prepare the body and mind for actual yoga. These movements are safe to do and are executed coordinately with video directions in our quaters. These movements release the body from stress, bring mobility and lightness into the body and joints, strengthens the spine and support muscles bringing body and soul smoothness through these practices in ways that are visible in everyday life. This will lead to better health and more pure life enjoyment. Come and experience yoga basics with us!

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These movements of basic yoga are not developed by us and all possible training in our premises takes place entirely at our own responsibility and on our own free will. We charge the client for the rent ot the quaters, not for any training, to ensure that this is accomplished wholly. We do not have a tutor, but no one can deny you from to asking advice from any other trainee to do something that you are doing on your own free will and initiative.

If you decide to practice these movements, you should have a light or empty stomach. That is, a gap of at least two hours before the previous meal. If you are pregnant, have a hernia or other discomfort, or you are ill, you should also leave a training of anything aside and turn to a doctor or a physician.